Fifteen Things

March 25th, 2013 § 0 comments

I keep thinking I should expand further on my bio (found to the left), which I wrote very quickly for my agent, back in November, but it doesn’t seem like I’m getting around to it. So, in lieu of rewriting the about section, I’m going to list fifteen facts about me, in no particular order.


~ When I was much younger, my favorite books were the Oz series by L. Frank Baum (just the original 14) and the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I reread them several times. I still go back to the Oz books even now. As a teenager I was greatly impressed with Frank Herbert’s Dune, and read science fiction for a while, but don’t often these days. I am a big fan of 19th century british literature, with my favorite authors being Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen.

~ My local library was one of my favorite places as a child. I mean the building itself, not just as a repository for books. I thought that weird 70s architecture building was one of the coolest, almost magical buildings ever, and nearly convinced myself that it contained a secret portal to some other totally more awesome world than the one I was in, and  I just had to find that portal and step through. I was very into escapism, loved to day dream.

~ I was born in Hollywood, California, but lived the first three years of my life in Peru, South America. Spanish is my first language. Unfortunately, I don’t currently speak spanish as fluently as I would wish.

~ If you’re wondering where I am, I’m probably at the barn. I take horseback riding lessons several times a week. It keeps me sane. As a child, I took horseback riding lessons but for one reason or another I was unable to keep it up. I think it was too expensive for my parents (unsurprisingly. It’s a costly hobby).

~ I volunteer with TROTT USA, a not for profit organization that takes retiring racehorses and retrains them to be adopted into families, continuing in other careers such as hunter/jumpers, pleasure riding, or dressage.

~I wrote my first story at the age of 6. It featured a turtle.

~Despite my early start as a writer, I never considered writing as a career until I was in my twenties. However, I was, and still am, an avid reader.

~ To help pay for my tuition at Emerson College, I spent my summers doing extra work. If you know where to look, you can spot me in several films and television shows from the late 90s. My favorite role was that of a nerd on Wayne’s World 2. I think you can only see me for like 10 seconds at the beginning of the film.

~ I played the piano as a kid, and the cello as a teenager, but stopped both (and all musical training) when I auditioned and was accepted into the Theatre Department at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts.

~ During my twenties, I worked nights and weekends at  Manhattan Theatre Club, in New York City, as a wardrobe assistant. Meaning, I mostly lived in the dark of back stage, ready to quick change actors’ costumes. I got really good at the thirty second wardrobe change.

~ Believe it or not, theatre work did not provide enough income to pay all my bills, so on top of working nights and weekends doing quick wardrobe changes in the dark, I usually sought temporary office work monday through friday, as a receptionist or administrative assistant. This is the sort of life one can only really sustain when you are in your twenties.

~I once started crying so hard at a temp job, from exhaustion and stress, I had to go into the bathroom for a good fifteen minutes before I could resume my duties for the day. They wouldn’t let me go home.

~ When I was six years old, I wanted to be a private eye, or a spy. I still think I would be quite good at it.

~ As a kid I had a near-obsessive  need to watch television, mostly cartoons. Loved Inspector Gadget, He-Man, and the ThunderCats. These days, I canceled my cable and have a much more love/hate relationship with my TV. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy a good television series, and get a lot of mileage from my netflix subscription, but that means I am usually at least 2 or 3 seasons behind everyone else.

~ Some part of me always wants to deny this, but I am, at heart, a big dork.


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